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Art Exhibits -  The Other Art Fair Dallas - Art San Diego - Spectrum Miami - Art Expo NY - Artwork by Julia Ross on display at Art Gallery Pure Dallas - SKYPONY Gallery - Giddens Gallery - Gallery 440  

Julia Ross - About the Artist

Julia Ross

Artist Background

Artist Background

Artist Background

Born to a family of artists, painters, poets and sculptors, my happiest memories involve creative works of art.  Inspired to build a career in the arts, I studied Fine Arts at The University of Texas, ventured into advertising to build digital brands online.  I spend most days finding ways to give back through works of art.

I am blessed to be around those much more talented, to learn from other artists and share the beauty of this world through art.


Art Mediums

Artist Background

Artist Background

Artwork brings on new life with each medium.  I create paintings with a time honored technique of Encaustic - wax art.  Acrylic paintings, gouache and mixed media using resin and oil - ink and photography printed giclee on metal all provide new perspectives of paintings.   

Designers are able to provide colors for room designs or artwork may be commissioned to match a room.  The ability to work in different mediums allows art to match design.


Art Inspiration

Artist Background

Art Inspiration

Sitting on the beach, breathing the sea air, listening to the waves roll in, viewing all variation of color that no man could recreate.  The ocean series of encaustic, acrylic and ink paintings bring me to a place, away from everyday reality to relax in the flow of artistic work. The colorful paintings exude happiness.

We enjoy as many days on this earth as possible around water.  Travel has provided experiences to meet others and gain new perspectives on life.  

OCEAN Art for Design by Julia Ross

Encaustic artwork and acrylic mixed media paintings of Julia Ross.  These modern representational and abstract artist works of art feature travel experiences and ocean landscapes.  Beach to city landscapes, and under water scenes brighten walls of this Dallas Texas Art Gallery.  Julia Ross showcases original art online and designs commissioned artwork for your home or business.  Large scale abstract art and representational artwork is available through this online art gallery.

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Commissioned Artwork | Original Artwork & Limited Edition Prints Available

Julia Ross is a Dallas Artist - Inspired to create works of art that give back.  

Each art series is created for the purpose of inspiring others and providing a channel for education of causes and to give back for social good.  

The OCEANS Series assists Ocean Conservancy to protect our oceans.  Off the Grid features artist's travel experiences - away from the life of the ever present.    

Full Transparency features images of silence through transparent colors to display a calm during the rush.


Julia Ross Artist

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